why does the biotin vitamin bottle say 18+?

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why does the biotin vitamin bottle say 18+?
I've been taking Biotin vitamins for the past several months, and I just got a new bottle. The bottle I used to use didn't say anything about age restrictions, but the new bottle says 18+. I don't want to stop using it since it makes my hair and nails grow super fast and strong, and also seems to give me a boost of energy when I'm usually pretty sluggish. But at the same time, I don't want it to harm me. What should I do?
And I'm 15 right now.

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Answer by shana.says.Ti. a
well cause the pharmisist says so.. gosh.. lol...... im just kiddn.. idk.. go to cvs website or something and type it in the search bar.

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  1. sk.hearts.u!

    it says 18+ because that vitamin only can be used for people that are 18 and older. becaus eit might have a thing in it that younger people cant drink. ok!

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