Who came up with the idea of lawn gnomes?

Who came up with the idea of lawn gnomes?

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Answer by Shur-fire
Obviously the Marketing and PR Department of LawnGnomia...
Just another gig of supply and demand>>> LOL @;~}

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  1. antje1

    I know this one! Lawn gnomes are called Gartenzwerge in Germany. They are based on the house elves of German mythology. You can find examples of that in the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales which include the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves.
    So Germans started placing cute figurines ( some are almost life-size) in various poses and occupations ( coal miners, gardeners, lamp lighters) into their little front gardens. The gnomes were originally made from bisque or porcelain and can fetch quite a bit of money on ebay.de. Now most of them are made of composition or outright plastic. They are considered tacky now ( much like white-washed truck tires used as flowerbeds are here in the U.S.)

  2. Avery

    Someone who knew white people needed and wanted to replace their black lawn jockeys with SOMETHING.

  3. mikey420

    evolution, duh. and they are things not ideas

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