What is the difference between department 56’s Dickens Village and Snow Village?

What is the difference between department 56's Dickens Village and Snow Village?
I accidentally bought 2 pieces- 1 from each set, and am trying to decide which set to keep: Dickens or Snow Village. I'd like to know more about how they are different.

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Answer by Eric
First, a little info... I've been an avid collector of the Dickens Village series of Department 56 for about 15 years. I own over 60 buildings and about as many accessories. The Snow Village was the first "village" of ceramic (and/or porcelain) houses/ figures that Dept. 56 began producing in 1976. Next was the Dickens Village in 1984. If I had to generalize, I find that the theme and design of the Snow Village resemble 1950s small town America, somewhat modern yet nostalgic. Copyrighted pieces, like a Harley Davidson shop, for example, are just a small part of this wide ranging series. Bowling alleys, movie theaters and drive- ins, etc. Of course, the Snow Village is the original, so it's certainly still very relevant and collectible. My favorite, obviously, is Dickens. It's basically a model of what London and its surrounding countryside resembled in the 1830s- 1870s, coinciding with Dickens' life, idealized of course. Manor homes, castles, mills, old stone churches, combined with the urban life of hotels, bars, schools, etc. The choice is up to you, good luck and happy collecting. Careful, it can become addictive, as they create many new pieces each year.

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