What is a good secondary character from a fairy tale?

I have to rewrite a fairy tale from the point of view of a secondary character. I'm trying to think outside of the box, not just stories like cinderella and snow white, but tales like The Golden Bird and The True Bride (my favorite.)
Also it can't be a very long or complex story

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  1. superdoc87

    Alas! The character who does not do all the good deeds! The tag-a-long and short-shrift character. What about his (or her) second fiddle complaints?

    I have a children’s book about the fox who got railroaded because he blew down three houses that the pigs had built. In a word, he was framed.

    I read this to a group of senior citizens who were writing 55 word short stories in order to illustrate point of view. One of them turned a story about a lost sheep who took up residence at a farm and lived/ate with the cows. Farmer could not find out whose it was. This retired person rewrote the story from the sheep’s point of view, in 55 words and read her composition to my class.

    Hope this helps.

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