What is a fairy tale with a happy ending?

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What is a fairy tale with a happy ending?
For English I need to write a sequel to a fairy tale, that has a happy ending with a man and a women. Basically a sequel to a well known love story, but it has to have ended happily ever after. It doesn't have to use those exact words but that's the general idea. I know for some people thinking of a a fairy tale would be a piece of cake but I never read/watched many when I was young so I don't know any now. Any ideas of one I could use?

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A lie

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  1. David

    Sleeping beauty.

  2. Mrs.P.

    With the exception of a couple of the original tales, modern day fairy tales all have happy endings.
    Check out any Disney movie – happy endings ensue in every tale.

  3. ME!!

    Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White

  4. Ariana

    Snow white
    Sleeping beauty
    Beauty and the beast
    Lol basically every fairytale has a happy ending

  5. dadnbob

    If you read the “real” stories you’ll find them so different from the Disney versions and the way they are printed up in books now. They weren’t always such happy endings. I’m not sure you’d call it a fairy tale but look up The Little Match Girl…..that one could use a happy ending.

  6. Vera

    OK. You HAVE to use these, okay? Fairy-tales nearly always start with “Once upon a time…”

    There is alwas a

    -Prince Charming (the one who comes in and saves the day)
    -The Wicked Witch/Stepmother (basically the villain of the story…she may even have minions!)
    – Our heroine. Now this could range from a PRINCESS, to a poor beggar girl. But most of these girls end up as PRINCESSES anyway, when they marry Prince CHARMING
    -Talking animals (lol. not always.)

    Feel free to look up fairy-tales online, to get the ball rolling. Classic examples are:

    -Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    -Beauty and the Beast
    -Red Riding Hood
    -etc etc etc.

    Remember there is ALWAYS a happy ending. The evil stepmother/witch usually dies or repents to the heroine, and begins to lead a changed life. If there’s tragedy, it’s always at the beginning (like the birth mother of the heroine carking it.)

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