Vintage Holiday Crafts!?

vintage snowman ornament

Vintage Holiday Crafts!?
For a project I have to decorate a notebook and write inside of it what I did for my holiday. I am really in to vintage, but the cover has to have some Christmas flair in it. Any suggestions how I should decorate the outside?

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Answer by Mackenzie
Yes, vintage can cover a lot of eras, though.

You might want to look for 1950s coca cola images, Coke is a vintage style and actually the modern image of Santa came from the Coca Cola artist with the white beard and red suit, so that is one way.

If you want to get really old fashioned, Victorians used to piece paper together, they'd cut up images from cards and glue them on lace or a doily, then glue it onto something with beads or ribbon, or they would layer different cut paper images or make cut snowflakes and decorations. You could do something like that on the cover.

Now if you want to go 60's 70's vintage, go "mod" and "hippie" with like a piece of pink foil cut out to be a Christmas tree glue on some turquoise/hippie beads as "ornaments" and maybe put it on a tie-dye style paper background.

Or you could go with the old cartoons like images from Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman images, you could probably just print that out online and just glue them to the cover.

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