Urgent quest, monster hunter freedom 2, village chief, 3 star?

snow village

Urgent quest, monster hunter freedom 2, village chief, 3 star?
Can anyone tell me how to kill the Blangonga on monster hunter freedom 2, its the village quests and its the 3 star urgent quest, the blangonga just keeps jumping at me and i dont have a chance, HELP!

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Answer by JeRiChO ^_^
The snow lion of the...snow. Blangonga is not a pushover in any sense of the word. While Khezu was slow and powerful, Blangonga is fast a deadly. Blangonga walks on four legs; he's a different species altogether from a Wyvern. So what do we use? A fast weapon works best. I used a fire SnS in this scenario. Bring Flash Bombs and Stun Traps. We're going to learn to use these together.

Armorwise, I'd go for good attacking armor like Yian Kut Ku. If you feel
skittish about your skills try more defensive armor. You may need Thawer as Blangonga can freeze making you unable to use items or attack. But we're not trying to fix the effects of getting hit, we're trying to avoid collision altogether. By now you have a few victories under your belt, Congalala, Khezu, and Yian Kut Ku. Blangonga is nothing different. Head up to Area 6, 7, or 8 (you may need Psychoserum to nail down his exact locale.)

After spotting him you have a few seconds to set up your first Stun Trap. Yes, we're going to use more then one trap. Why? Well, you'll like this outcome. We could, this is optional, lay down a few Large Barrel Bombs near him when we trap him. And watch them go off. Or if money isn't your biggest asset, you can just attack him like a crazy man on steroids. If you are using a Hammer or a
Hunting Horn you want to aim for the head. A Greatsword? Charge it. But if you went with my suggestion on the Fire SnS, we want to aim for the legs. Why? To trip him of course. Note; if you want his fang aim for the head then after its broke go after the legs.

Now back up! How are we supposed to trap him? Will we have enough time? Truthfully, yes. Many have used a surefire way to get enough time AND deal considerable damage on top of that. How do we do this? The answer is Flashbombs. Flashbombs confuse the living daylight out of our snow lion foe. A Flashbomb is thrown and ignited between you and the Blangonga, while not blinding you; the Blangonga is surely to have stars around its head. Literally.

You can get a few hits off when he's confused, but be careful. He can still attack, just not you directly. It's kinda random. Now during his bewilderment, you plant a Stun Trap and if you have a few seconds take a small chunk of his HP. Get him to fall into your trap and hit him where it hurts.

While this is a good strategy the rest of the fight should consist of you
Aiming for either its legs or its head depending on what weapon you have, and what you want in the rewards. Blangonga Fangs can be used for the Ice Elemental Bow, really useful for Diablos fights. After a few bouts he'll run into Area 3. Now be careful, just because he runs into Area 3 doesn't mean he's dying.

Blangonga's "tell" is he will limp, not always but mostly, he will limp and then move to Area 3. Hopefully you saved one last Stun Trap and Tranq Bomb. If not, oh well. There are going to be Blangos in Area 3, so remember to kill them and try not to wake Blangonga in the process. If you've followed my words closely, you should not only walk away from Blangonga (of course with a few scratches) but with a nice fang to go with it. Congrats.


Take 3 Shock Traps, 3 LBB's, and 1 SBB and Flashbombs if desired.
Use Wyvern Blade "Fall", and attack him in the head and side/leg area. Use your Traps as desired, as your Flashbombs. After a while of combat, he should go into rage mode. Now is the time to attack with care. After a while more of combat, he should start to limp away. Track him down, and wait for him to go to sleep. Use two Large Bombs on his head, but don't make the detonation of the Small Bomb wake him up. If this doesn't kill him, attack him until he is dead.

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