Sugar is the Real Sugar Baby

The anime is Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar and the song is The Real Sugar Baby Please comment and rate. Won 1st place in AMVs Contest

25 Responses to Sugar is the Real Sugar Baby

  1. MewSakurita

    @ilovetwilight65 Rini’s voice actor from sailormoon sings the song.

  2. ilovetwilight65

    Who sings this song? That and so kawaii! The first time i heard this song i KNEW it has to be Sugar from The Snow Fairy! So CUTE! >///

  3. emoedwardforlife

    i love this anime

  4. luchia011

    this fits it perfactly

  5. ninja111

    search little snow fariy sugar for english episodes

  6. araphon1

    Fuck. She would never say it.

  7. japan445

    what the anime

  8. MewMelodyManiac

    omg LUV this =D

  9. araphon1

    Awsome parody on Eminem :P

  10. Robokrade

    lol that was cute

  11. rabidhunter66


  12. rosy1102

    the scenes of the sho suit the song so much good job!!

  13. BloodVampire132

    This is soooooooooooo cute. I want one plz!!!!!

  14. Funkster228

    That was sooo cute!!!

  15. Sakurainc2254

    yay it does

  16. PrincessCrystalDream

    The real Sugar baby and the anime is A Little Snow Fair sugar. BTW: This song so fits her

  17. Sakurainc2254

    what song is this

  18. illburloser

    vid is so CUTE whats the anime called!?

  19. MewSakurita

    Tiny snow fairy sugar

  20. hawaiissunshine

    what anime is this??? its so kawaiii!!!!!~

  21. pumawie

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet xD

  22. Timmyjg


  23. chibiwatermelon

    this is so kawaii

  24. AmyEmilyShow201

    I dont really get it…. is it about sugar or is it about somebody….. else?!?!?!?!?!?!

  25. marasalvatruchaboy

    lol the origanal is way better

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