Sugar A little Snow Fairy episode 1 part 2-3

Sugar A little Snow Fairy episode 1 part 2-3

Im sorry but my dvd ripper is not that precise thats why it gets blurry when the characters move fast but well here you go enjoy!

Sugar A little Snow Fairy episode 1 part 2-3

18 Responses to Sugar A little Snow Fairy episode 1 part 2-3

  1. Lightavion

    Ah, I love the taste? of diabetes. I’ve in love with another one of these shows..

  2. khiepetil

    Saga looks like Sakura? the Cardcaptor

  3. Wheeljack214

    @PokemonDisneyfan21 I knew she? sounded familiar.

  4. animeloverMH123

    I love the piano song!!? its the best! and shes great……I love this show!! and it does remind me of sakura too.

  5. dianne102097

    the girl is almost the same as sakura!!?? she alweays? remind me of Sakura!! love her!!??

  6. DarkWhisper11


  7. fawwaz001

    I like? this episode :D

  8. Layla12319

    Fairies r cute, it making? me hungry too

  9. raigekiman

    LOL i just want her to? say HEY listen

  10. BriexGore

    1:43 the chubby kid? in green sounds like Izzy from Digimon :D

  11. SmilieChick16

    She’s a? really good piano player

  12. thetripleh885

    that little fairy is sooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute i want to kiss that? little thing

  13. AinGeunSwift

    @Daltonswood its a? watch..not bracelet

  14. XXsoltyXX

    WAFOLS~ :)))?

  15. Piccolo13

    Waffles for lunch? lol this girl plans everything to? a T except her diet lol

  16. katiecarrosa

    She be? trippin ballz

  17. AppleSider1

    @cypress765 hey, have? you ever HAD a waffle?! If you did you would have an orgasm too! xD

  18. gamer4ever9999

    how i missed the anime?

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