snow fairy fandub

highest pitch song here so far : D hope you like it also I know ice fairy and snow fairy arent the same thing but I cant stop thinking of cirno with this song xD so yueah enjoy ^^

10 Responses to snow fairy fandub

  1. ClRNO

    i like this fandub because of the picture at the beginging good job

  2. NikkuXD

    well done

  3. joakkar

    @agusiek97 lol I sung this cuz I was bored and the original is just that high-pitched xD

  4. agusiek97

    :) Your Lyrics Were Pretty Good ^ ^ So Far You made only one mistake! You Could Sing it little bit lower, it would sound better :D

  5. joakkar

    @SoulSlasher100 lol its ok I obviously have to redo it anyways xD plus its not the first person and wont be the last person to tell me I cant sing xD

  6. SoulSlasher100

    Nice singing dude ,I sound way worse than you and don’t mind the bitch below me :D

  7. luckyfruiteloops

    @SupaaSpazzaX3 HE SOUNDS GAY

  8. luckyfruiteloops


  9. SupaaSpazzaX3

    CIRNOOOO!!!! Nice dub! But it sounds like yu were straining ._.

  10. ChewyBite

    Strain a little too much xD at many parts it gave me the ‘going to crack’ kind of feeling …but overall it’s good ^^..



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