Saga & Sugar – (A Little Snow Fairy Sugar)


25 Responses to Saga & Sugar – (A Little Snow Fairy Sugar)

  1. link1able

    >> crap i stopped watching afte the scene of no piano in the room. id rather finish the series first

  2. puttykitty03

    i luv this anime!

  3. HaSuRaVaSh

    im actually not contented to the ending of this…..well….sugar can at least show herself to saga in the end rather than just saying something……this movie is sooo emotional……i sometimes cry without noticing it..BTW im a guy

  4. jamestparshall

    great AMV. You did the show proud. Great job. 5 star.

  5. TrueShuriken

    this anime is good do they have this in english dubbed

  6. emsje13

    it’s kya :3

  7. oxstargirlxo

    so cute!!

  8. gamer4ever9999

    a totally sensitive guy watching a little snow fairy sugar what might happen dude thats what happend to me i was like crying and trying not to cry all in one

  9. SelfishGiraffe06

    Total ditto. Excellent. This anime always made me cry.

  10. Darpunzel

    This is probably the best AMV I have ever seen. I am seriously crying like a fool!

    Sugar was such a great anime.

    Very VERY well done!

  11. InfinityAnime

    One of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve seen so many! It proves that you don’t necessarily need effects all over the place to make a decent video. The clips go along with the song perfectly, making such a cute video that I can watch over and over, and a great tribute to the anime.

  12. sunakochan10

    this anime made me cry I was so sad when it ended

  13. GretchenDawntreader

    yeah just got done torrenting it, but it’s in a stack to watch…I have a backlog in “anime I want to watch.”

  14. avengefullgirl95

    its such a cute series

  15. ZdenekJindra

    Well, I counter-voted all up. This looks like a great anime indeed.

  16. Brown3yedBeauty

    awhh thanks soo mcuhh !

  17. GretchenDawntreader

    this is a beautiful AMV and brought a tear to my eye! OK several. Now I have to find and watch this series.

    boo to whatever troll added a thumbs down to a whole page of adoring comments, go away troll!

  18. FieryV

    A Little Snow Fairy Sugar… but it says it in the title, so…

  19. SaltLovesSugar

    hey! what is this anime??????

  20. FieryV

    GYA~! This song fits the anime really well TT-TT

  21. rotem89890

    never mind I already know it’s called “Your Heart Will Lead You Home .”
    the singer is Kenny Loggins .

  22. rotem89890

    what the name of this song ?

  23. CHRONO1245678

    It so Cute T-T
    I lov this Anime


    and Saga :D

  24. vakawolf

    this brings back memories…koge-dombo makes the best anime! and mia ikumi also of course:3

  25. XxXmahouXnoXhanaXxX

    It’s Brillant!!!!!!!!!
    although it Makes me cry right now…….

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