*~| Pickle131’s SUPER HORRIBLE Snow Fairy Sugar audition! x3

Yay! Er..xD My STUPID COLD MESSES ME UP ALL THE TIME! DXXX! Anyway..I can sing WAY better than this! xD I have an english Purachina fandub you can listen to also x3 Auditioned for: Sugar, Saga, Anne, Norma, Greta, Opening and Ending NYU! x3

18 Responses to *~| Pickle131’s SUPER HORRIBLE Snow Fairy Sugar audition! x3

  1. fandubs131

    really? XD

  2. LuniaSky

    Your voice sounds like Saga’s voice in the official dub of Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. O=

  3. fandubs131

    yay *w*

  4. jocelyneB51

    XD you do hear like the type to fan dub sugar!!

  5. fandubs131

    yeah D= I really wanted to be sugar too xD

  6. jocelyneB51

    it did? ohh -_-

  7. fandubs131

    thanks! too bad the fandub got cancelled ;-;

  8. jocelyneB51

    a KAWAII~!!!!:3 its so funny too! i love it!

  9. fandubs131

    for me it just sounds bad xD I hate my own recordings..but theyre fun X3

  10. strawberrypocky12

    this is really good! don’t know why u said it was horrible!its better than my audition 4 sure!

  11. fandubs131

    really?!? thanks! x3

  12. Cafechan

    Your voice is much cuter for Sugar than the official dub. Heh.

  13. fandubs131


  14. Chobits379

    so far, you are in the lead for getting the part of sugar ^^

  15. fandubs131

    xD thanks

  16. fandubs131

    yes x3 its my voice acting account

  17. cutebunnydrawer

    ha cute

  18. boots1622fan

    is this a side account pickle?

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