Need help organizing collection of snowmen figurines…?

snowman figurine

Need help organizing collection of snowmen figurines...?
I have a large collection of snowmen figurines, varying in size from 4" to 12"+.

I have no idea how to organize them. I would like them to be displayed in a nice, orderly fashion.
Somehow, just displaying them in a curio cabinet of some kind does not appeal to me. Feels and seems too messy.

Any ideas? Any ideas with photos would be awesome.


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Answer by Kacky
Snowmen are fun to collect because there are so many different kinds and sizes. Keep them all in one area, arranged in little scenes, with mirror-ponds, little fake trees and fake snow.

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  1. sam

    If you look, you may find some have button noses and others have carrots as noses. That is a way to sort. Then by size. Now arrange them in little groups mix and match the different noses and sizes or put different sizes of the same nose type together for a “family” group. My mother collected snowmen and had tons of books so she displayed the snowmen scattered about on the 12 bookcases she had in the “great” room. (The owned a home that used to be a small church). She would put small photo frames of family members around with the snowmen. Use your imagination and you may get it done and decide to make changes from time to time. You have to do what suits your personality. HAVE FUN! (when my mother knew she was dying, she had all the grandchildren pick their favorite snowman to keep as a memory of her. She passed a couple of months after that.)

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