Modern versions of classical fairy tales (snow white,cinderella…) for children have softened the contents?

a lot, avoiding all cruel images (cinderella original version is full of disturbing parts like the sister cutting her feet because it was too big for the crystal shoe)...why is that bible versions for children dont suppress totally the violent parts??
god sending plagues and killing egyptians in the red sea are still there in children fear a really necessary feature for christian religion?.
would a child believe more easily in god if he/she thinks that otherwise god will punish him?
why dont they suppress these parts? would it be too inconvenient for their goals???
no james bond i am not confusing anything because disney movies are based on classical fairy tales by grimm brothers, perrault and others...disney didnt create cinderella...and nowadays versions for children of these tales have suppressed the violent parts
no fruitcake the best thing to do is force your children to watch the news everyday so that they could learn how bad the world is...hope you dont have any children

7 Responses to Modern versions of classical fairy tales (snow white,cinderella…) for children have softened the contents?

  1. Kenshin Himura

    “is fear a really necessary feature for christian religion?”


  2. fortunata

    just let it be the way it is.
    at least people can figure it for what it is : a book filled with violence and intolerance.

  3. James Bond

    Maybe fairy tales shouldn’t water down their contents?

    Although I think you are confusing ‘fairy tales’ with ‘Disney’. Those are two different things.

  4. fruitcake

    The Bible is not a fairy tale. It real accounts of real people.
    Following your logic, should we suppress the news accounts of people being murdered, robbed, raped etc. etc. Should we tell children everyone in the world is nice? That grandma did not die, just fell asleep? That war is heck? Should we shield children from the realities of life they will one day have to deal with?
    Suppress parts of the Bible? It wouldn’t be meaningful if it were all nice nice.

  5. LadySuri

    I hope you don’t have any kids and if you do, I feel so sorry for them.

    Is it so wrong nowadays to let kids be kids?

  6. Maria

    I never thought about it, yes I had my mother’e books from when she was little, and actually the one that I remember more vividly as disturbing was the cutting of the sister’s foot! Yuk! You are making me think, I’m a committed christian, even join evangelism teams and make tracts, but when I tell my little children Bible stories, or try to “read them the Bible” as everybody in Christendom implies is the right thing to do I find myself in trouble because, yes!, I can’t go on and read these graphic horrors. I’m also almost ready to publish my first book and it’s actually along the line of the good news from Genesis to Revelation and I make up dialogs between Adam and Eve and things like that, but the point is, I avoid those topics because they are not necessary to explain the original plan of God and how God restored man to the original plan. Now, I have a theory about those horrible things in the Old testament and I won’t go in length here but basically man had to try to atone for himself without the blood of Jesus, the most horrible of all the horrors in the Bible is the passion of Christ, and after He, God Himself, payed the ultimate price, choosing to do it, we don’t see these horrible scenes anymore but those of sacrifice and martyrdom, the “dispensation of Grace by faith” .

    My last thought: -Hey! This is a little gold mine, we can start rewriting these famous Bible stories taught to children and illustrating them, want to be my partner?-

  7. serpentqueen13

    Actually, having once taught Sunday school, I can tell you that often children aren’t taught the really horrifying parts. Such as the rape of Dinah and the slaughter of an entire town by her brothers, after the man who “raped” her asked for her hand in marriage and forced all the men in his city to be circumcised. Or, King David’s son raping his sister. Or the way Jepthat sacrificed his daughter to Yahweh as he had promised after winning a battle..

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