Make a Beaded Snowflake Ornament

Make a Beaded Snowflake Ornament

Supplies and materials used in this video - Discount! - Learn how to create a snowflake using a wire form.

Make a Beaded Snowflake Ornament

16 Responses to Make a Beaded Snowflake Ornament

  1. jamesbondIK00


  2. beadydani

    I am disappointed at this vid, just like the previous viewer. I don’t want to spend money on? snowflake, I want to make my own – I have got loads of wires

  3. Faerunner

    Ok, I’m looking for tutorials on actually making snowflake shapes from scratch, not using pre-made wire frames (which naturally you have to buy, rather than using the wire you already have at home…).? A four year old could string beads on that wire frame!

  4. texmexfemale

    This is a great vid! thanks for? sharing that. :-)

  5. luiss653

    maravilloso, aun cuando está en ingles, el video se entiende? a la perfección felicito a la sra. que de manera tan graáica explica muy bien.

  6. creativevirgo12

    lawdy those fuglishly gawdy? and hideously UGLY french tip nails could not watch

  7. elizsparrow1

    Hello, your work is beautiful, have you used Preciosa components in your designs at all?
    They? have an extensive range and you can get more information here on our Facebook page: `Preciosa Inspirations`

  8. Kasumi0cada

    She? used a pre-made form.

  9. Kasumi0cada

    My girls made some of these? this year. ^.^

  10. 29capergirl

    do you have a video that shows you how to make the snowflake before the? beads are added?

  11. 64bamagurl

    I love the snowflake. I would love to give this a try but I was wandering how you made the wire form at the beginning. Did you? use the same wire? And how did you attach the wire together to form the snowflake? It was really beautiful.

  12. Takira110

    0:29 You look like you saw? a bug, lol

  13. PaudashPuma

    I am so? jealous of your looping plyers :D!

  14. schultzee4748

    Very? helpful!!

  15. mermaidmorrigan


  16. JewelYouDotCom

    These are a lot of fun to make. We made a bunch of these in? all different beads for this years tree!
    Awesome Karla! Your expertise is always appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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