Legendary Anime Music VII: Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar OST 13 – Memory of Mother

Ah, Snow Fairy Sugar. A modern anime classic, about a nice and normal girl, who happens to see season fairies. Fairies who control the seasons(duh!). It's a cute series, one that's quite overlooked. In the early age of pure ecchi anime, Sugar stuck out and delivered so well. It's like anime of old, so cute and innocent. Not insulting and insane. Of course, the music is one of it's many highlights. Saga(the main human girl character) is a skilled pianist, just like her mother. To recollect her memories, she plays this beautiful number. Enjoy and embrace it's warmth. ^_^

18 Responses to Legendary Anime Music VII: Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar OST 13 – Memory of Mother

  1. palaawaykonoh

    This is very awesome….

  2. jamessean76

    it’s quite weird, It’s showed that first note is “d” but it’s sounds like “g” note…

  3. Gackupo

    I’m learning this on the piano right now ; D

    Along with Saga’s Theme.

  4. KirbsterBCalane

    *Sigh* …….Such beautiful music…

  5. LiaCheri

    i’ve heard about this song, until i personally listened to it. it gave me goosebumps. i say, superb. beautiful music.

  6. EternalMessiah

    You’re welcome! It’s a beautiful song and I’m sure your mother will appreciate it. It carries a gentleness that she’ll definitely feel.

  7. angelasongcayauon

    I cry everytime I hear this song. This is the most touching piano piece I have ever encountered in an anime. Thanks for uploading this! I hope I can learn to play this on our piano for my mom! ??

  8. 1995vietpride

    such a pretty song!

  9. necross6

    Finally… i can played it perfectly…. but i don’t have video-camere to film myself…. TT-TT but… it sound very peaceful and wonderfulll someday i’ll upload it ^^


  10. EternalMessiah

    Correct. ^_^

  11. StarUltraNova

    Is this the song that saga always wanted her mother to play for her?

  12. EternalMessiah

    That’s wonderful! It’s a beautiful song. If possible, I’d like to hear your version. ^_^

  13. Nozomi2

    I took up piano again just to learn this song. I finally have learned it and almost perfectly. All i need is a beautiful, white grand piano! This is my favorite piano song of all time

  14. EternalMessiah

    You’re most welcome. ^_^

  15. Tozzywozzy01

    Such a wonderful piece ^_^ Thanks for uploading

  16. VerityDemortem

    I belive this song is one of the most beautiful piano pieces I have ever heard, including Aerith’s theme.

  17. Suixa

    So pretty… *o*
    It was such sweet and cute anime to watch =)
    It even made me cry on the very ending x)

    Thanks for uploading this awesome song ^ ^

  18. Tenko

    I am DESPERATELY trying to find the OST!!!! But I can’t…anywhere. T_T Do you know a good site to buy anime soundtracks? Thanks in advance! ^_^

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