IM A SNOW FAIRY!!…a huge lush haul

twitter i went crazy when lush was having there buy 1 get 2 free deal so yea.. enjoy, lemme know if u want a review on any of the products rate comment and subscribe tushmcgee ftc disclaimer: i purchased all products mentioned in the video, i am not affiliated with lush and all opinions are my own

14 Responses to IM A SNOW FAIRY!!…a huge lush haul

  1. tushmcgee

    @mississippiwo not when i placed this order but i have placed orders thru the UK before and suprizingly it gets to me faster then the us site lol

  2. mississippiwo

    One last question..I don’t know if you mentioned this sorry if you did but you ordered from the UK site right? I’m just preparing for the after Christmas sale HAHA..It’s only August!

  3. mississippiwo

    @tushmcgee oops hehe that’s what I meant. the 27th of december haha sorry for the mix up. and thanks for the help!

  4. tushmcgee

    @mississippiwo i placed the order last december after christmas. the sale is no longer going on. and unfortunatly they only offer snow fairy during christmas :o( just wait until then to get it. until then i know they have a solid soap called god mother and it smells just like it :o) hope that helps

  5. mississippiwo

    Hi!! I was just wondering what day you made your online order because I don’t have a lush around me and I won’t be able to place an order until the 27th and I really wanted snow fairy so I was just wondering since you said they were sold out of snow fairy when you made your order. Thanks!

  6. tushmcgee

    @13sashapink100 the sale that i purchased this stuff from was back in december. the sale isnt going on anymore. unless you happen to be talking about a new sale that i havnt heard about yet lol

  7. 13sashapink100

    do you know were to look on the lush uk site for the buy 1 get 2 free sale

  8. completelygleekedout

    I got the glitterbug massage bar in the snow fairy gift box

  9. tushmcgee

    yes he is quite the riot lol. it seems like he keeps it all inside until im filming and he decides to let it all out lol. thanks for the comment !

  10. SoapLoversUnite

    LOL, that was funny your boyfriend yelling in the background. Every time I do a video you can hear a video game and either my husband or one of my sons yelling in the background. They sure take their games seriously don’t they!

  11. ToniaBlondeandBlue

    @tushmcgee Cinders is amazing! I bought a whole wack load at christmas time and used my last one yesterday. :(

  12. tushmcgee

    omg so do i. this huge purchase was my first and i went crazy and loved every minute of it. thanks for the vid respose. :o)

  13. ToniaBlondeandBlue

    I love lush!! I recently did a video of my top 5 all time fave lush products and snow fairies one of them. I’ll video response it. Love lush!

  14. mzallyfu21

    holy crap i didn’t even realize how much you gotten !! nice job.. and thanks for the god mother soap

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