How to Build a Custom DIY Snow-Globe

How to Build a Custom DIY Snow-Globe

Step-by-step How to is at Instructables -

How to Build a Custom DIY Snow-Globe

16 Responses to How to Build a Custom DIY Snow-Globe

  1. Insidious DrNine

    Did you put any additives in the water? How has it stood up??

  2. Ji Min Koo

    Oh my gosh she has the coolest daddy in the whole world. What a gift!!!!!!?

  3. stanky6261973

    Awesome!!! Many daddy points :)?

  4. aj benn

    good idea for the bottom i night try it ?

  5. aj benn


  6. GameHistoria


  7. CaramelCoated41

    OMG!! This is PRICELESS!!!! I am literally in tears watching this! What a
    thoughtful gift you have given your daughter. I’m sure she will treasure
    this snowglobe for years to come. I know I surely would. She is a lucky
    little girl to have you as her father. Peace & Blessings unto you

  8. BenjaminNelson

    The truck is coming along…slowly. Don’t worry. Any major work done on it
    will get a YouTube video!

  9. AlizZ pOi

    Awww how sweet <3 I love what you did :D

  10. Alonzo Branson

    Well done, sir, well done. Forgive me for sounding envious, but those laser
    engravers/cutters are amazing tools, and it must be nice to have one
    nearby! Did you use anything in the water to keep it from sprouting algae?

  11. Dr Adel Hussein

    Lovely But u hve whole workshop This isn’t a home made hhhhhhh

  12. XmackattackX

    loved the whole thing so much attention to detail! clever as well! how is
    the electric truck coming?

  13. holnrew

    Very cute video! I’m a little choked up…

  14. ZeroFossilFuel

    Daddy’s little girl. :)

  15. BenjaminNelson

    I did NOT add anything to the water. I considered it, but was also
    concerned about any types of alcohol, bleach, etc, reacting negatively with
    the figure. I did use distilled water, as our tap water in the area has a
    high mineral content. (The iron will actually settle out over time!) I also
    washed out the globe really well before assembling the project. The
    snow-globe is on my daughter’s book-shelf, where it is out of sunlight.

  16. Lukas Baksys

    Amazing video! :)

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