How Disney butchered Snow White and other fairy tales?

I'm doing a project for school where I have to talk about the inaccuracies in Disney movies. I found a site that talks about the Lion King being copied from a Japanese movie, but I haven't found any others. I'm particularly intersted in Snow White and Anastasia.
Well, the site I found about the Lion King says it was copied off of Kimba the White Lion
Seems pretty convincing to me...
As for the other stories, I need them compared to the original (i.e. the book)

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  1. holo_phonic

    Just do a little research on Nicolas II, the last czar of Russia and the subsequent myth of Anastasia.

  2. liz

    I’m not sure about the sites you need, but I don’t think Anastasia was a Disney movie. I think some other company did that one.

    I found a cool site where people are discussing the differences between the true tales and disney’s versions.

  3. C.B. Radio

    Well, the Lion King was really Hamlet set in the African wild (Really compare the two) and The Little Mermaid advocated pedophilia (Ariel JUST turned 16 at the very start) so Disney has a long track record of white-washing a variety of chalenging and/or unsavory stories into mega-hits. Snow White was supposed to be a horror story (The seven dwarfs essentially holding her hostage) with necrophilia (The kiss at the end, where she’s dead)… I suggest you go to source materials, they’re terrifying.

    Also – Anastasia was a real story (or based on one, anyways) so that should be easy to look up…

  4. country_girl

    I know that Anastasia was a Russian princess and was killed with her family in the basement of their palace during a revolution or something. None of the family escaped like they show in the movie. Hope that helps!

  5. ckmclements

    Snow White and Anastasia were indeed butchered, and badly; but Anastasia wasn’t from Disney, it was put out by 20th Century Fox. You want to see some SERIOUS butchering, try The Little Mermaid. Wow boy.

  6. Worshipful Heart

    A lot of the Fairy Tales done by Disney are Grimm’s tales , which are not known to all end so “happily ever after”
    There are several variations of Cinderella. You can look for Snow white and Rose Red stories.

    Here is some info about the Grimms version:

    Hope this helps.
    THe story of Anastasia is based on what people believe to be facts or the hope that there was a surviving member of Romanova family- a woman, Anna Anderson, bearing resemblance to Anastasia was believed to be her and the fairy tale stories are just dramatizations and imaginations over the controversy surrounding this woman

  7. soadandthg

    They turned them into money makers by putting in a horrible music soundtrack and selling it for an outrageous amount of money while the people singing them were voice actors, not singers.

  8. lucy b
    ^ original story and its from germany
    and anastasia isn’t a disney movie
    ^ original little mermaid story in which she actually dies

  9. Sarah

    Um, i don’t know if Anastasia really existed but if she really did which i think she was murdered by the Bolsheviks with her entire family, so the part of her survival I’m pretty sure is false. The part of Grigori Rasputin was partly true he did predict their murder which already says he is evil but it took an extremely long murder attempt to kill him. So in the movie when he is supposedly dead slash alive at some points probably originated from that.

  10. LilyRT

    SNOW WHITE–the story is pretty similar to the Grimms fairy tale. the dwarves did not hold her hostage. they told her she could stay and they would protect her if she cooked, cleaned, etc.
    There are three main differences.

    First, the step-mother tried to kill her four times. The first was by the huntsman. (that was in the movie.) Next, she tried to suffocate her by lacing up a corset on her too tightly. The dwarves revived her. Then, the stepmother tried to kill her with a poisoned comb. When that didn’t work, she used the poisoned apple.

    Next, the prince bought snow white’s body from the dwarves. They at first refused to sell her for any amount of gold but agreed when they saw “he was so much in earnest.” While carrying the casket, the attendants tripped and the apple was dislodged. Snow White awoke from that.

    Finally, the ending is truly heinous. Snow White marries the Prince and invites the stepmother to the wedding. I can’t do it justice so I’ll just quote it:

    “as soon as she entered she recognized Snow-White, and was so terrified with rage and astonishment that she remained rooted to the ground. Just then a pair of red-hot iron shoes were brought in with a pair of tongs and set before her, and these she was forced to put on and to dance in them till she fell down dead.”

    CINDERELLA–The beginning of the story is pretty similar. Mother dies. Father remarries stepmother with two stepdaughters. Cinderella is worked hard to keep her from going to the ball (festival at the King’s palace in the tale). Birds help her finish her chores but she’s still not allowed to go because she has nothing to wear.

    There is no fair godmother. She goes to a tree she planted on her mother’s grave and says “Rustle and shake yourself, dear tree, And silver and gold throw down to me.” Dressed she goes to the festival, dances with the Prince and leaves before he knows who she is. She does it again the next night. The third night, he covers the road with pitch, which catches her shoe. He takes the shoe around to the stepdaughters to find her.

    Here’s where it gets gruesome. The first stepdaughter’s toe is too big. Her mother tells her to cut if off. She does, and the prince is fooled til the blood leaks through the shoe. The next stepdaughter has to cut off her heel that’s too big. Finally, the prince gets it right. The two stepdaughters are “smitten with blindness” as punishment.

    ALADDIN–you can find that in the Arabian Nights and it is also really different. I can’t remember everything, but for starters, Aladdin’s parents are alive. Aladdin is described and indolent and lazy, and his behavior kills his father.

  11. Anastasia

    I hope that it will help you : or if you live in Moscow i can give you that movie.

  12. becca9985

    If you want to find out about the inaccuracies of fairy tales, I highly recommend you read a couple of fairy tales from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. If they were done exactly how they were written by the Grimm’s brothers, they would probably be rated PG-13 or R. I’m sure Disney liked the whole fairy tale idea and just wanted to make them so they appealed to the younger generation.

    Little Mermaid, I have actually heard a couple of versions. The one I am most familiar with is the fact that she died (I don’t believe she ever had a name). The prince ended up marrying another woman and the only way the little mermaid could redeem herself was by plunging a dagger from the sea-witch into the prince’s heart. She couldn’t bring herself to do it, so she flung herself off of the ship they were traveling on and she turned into sea foam on the sea. The last part of the story, I believe, is after she turns into foam, she looks up at the railing of the ship and sees the prince gazing down at the foam, knowing that something had happened.

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