GHTunes – Xbox 360 – Guitar – “Snow Fairy”

Fun custom. Bad run. Oh well :P More to come soon! -theedibleshoe

23 Responses to GHTunes – Xbox 360 – Guitar – “Snow Fairy”

  1. cRiPpLeD127

    I knew about this song for a while, really hard on bass

  2. Clueless313

    Thats easy

  3. YewbSH

    Except, y’know, the fast part.

  4. toymachizzleSH

    as soon as I played this song I actually thought it was a Touhou cover. Also please note that everything by this person is incredible on GHTunes.

  5. schmutz06

    cool I’m gonna download this song

  6. Clueless313

    thats slow as hell

  7. chuckhoganlongshaw

    never heard the song but god you must be good to play it that fast

  8. Kasei87

    This songs sounds like a Touhou tune so bad at times, it’s nuts…

  9. westr5000

    True :P

  10. TheEdibleShoe

    Fix your speakers then. Cause it sounds perfect on mine.

  11. Dackarac

    this sounds awesome, good job

  12. ErimgardKnil

    Does anyone know if this has a source, or if it’s an original composition? I tried sending the author a message, but she didn’t speak english well enough to understand me :(

  13. JasoniumGH

    bad sound quality

  14. baseballkid033

    Cool custom, sounds great!

  15. Idkplz


  16. JesseWikipedia

    Almost sounds like kirby dreamland theme at first.

  17. dor1t0m4n

    awesome bass solo at 0:59

  18. yticegoat

    The thing that bug me about most of the customs I’ve seen so far is that most people neglect to change the guitar from the standard distortion/sound/filter/effect whatev. That said, great chart and sound nontheless.

  19. 0blackfire0

    Holy Fuck this is one hell of a song…

  20. DSG3002

    This is awesome! Nice custom.

  21. Teh48Finn


  22. TheEdibleShoe


  23. JulioHayabusha

    this song is great

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