Funny – Funny Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 1

Funny - Funny Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 1

Follow us! Behind the scenes! Keek Exclusive Videos & Pictures Here we go! Kicking off season 2 of the Scary Snowman prank. In this episode we set up on Thayer St again Providence. We scared a woman walking her dog, a woman jogging, and an old lady who we thought was going to have a heart attack. We also scared a bunch of girls, with some great reactions and screams. We hope this episode makes you laugh out loud funny. Google+ T-shirts Follow us @thescarysnowman Music by

Funny - Funny Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 1

24 Responses to Funny – Funny Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 1

  1. KidNamed24

    “you’re a? horrible person!!”

  2. langstonsmith

    he scared the dog? lol

  3. Lucy Dismore

    Why did the fourth? guy have a lightsaber!!!!

  4. 1337Turtle

    love? the red sweater guy in the beginning haha

  5. Crpekg

    Fucking world of? tanks

  6. 22BallBase

    The fat guy in? red, so stupid, “haha your fuckin good man” -_-

  7. Macho Nacho

    1:42 Asian people always finds the? key….it’s like they know everything.

  8. shaunese1999

    Haha? that dog was gone

  9. MrAhnemesis

    LOL fuckin’ light saber was OP.?

  10. iaiinthefacee

    2:00 he? looks a bit like Paul Rudd

  11. Mike duce

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    Lol? funny shit

  13. JuicyDiney

    the light saber? killed meeeeeeeeee

  14. luikku80

    freee? food!

  15. JesusPaid4You2

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  16. Metalicalypse

    THe? dog was the funniest one

  17. 4Johnny44

    That? dog almost had a heart attack

  18. SensualPuma

    That’s in Providence!! haha I got? to east side pockets every day!

  19. AngryBirds E.N.T

    Check Out My Channel For A Badass Dougie! :)?

  20. Alice Mae

    hahahahaha the lightsaber was photoshopped in it wasn’t? real

  21. Sheepy Ricardo

    dat cun’t with da litesaver DON’T FUCK WITH ME I HAVE A LITESAVER????? he shat his undies ?

  22. nunezya

    frosty? the snow man is back

  23. nunezya

    frosting? is back

  24. AllyBug1111

    lol i want? to be the one in that snowman suit lol!

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