Frosty’s New Image?????????

frosty the snowman toys

Frosty's New Image?????????
in class we have to turn frosty the snowman into something different or new. i need cool, different, or even weird ideas. it could be anything:

Best answer:

Answer by H_Bunny
a snow blower

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4 Responses to Frosty’s New Image?????????

  1. unknown

    hmmmm……. how about this

    many (as in MAN) the snow man

  2. Dacey Harvey

    a potaoto
    a neon chicken
    a baseball
    a softball
    a footbal
    a soccer ball
    a dog
    a cat
    a handy man
    a teacher
    a cat
    a pizza
    a toilet paper roll
    toilet paper
    a movie critic
    a movie star
    a singing sensation
    a roofer
    a truck driver
    a resturant owner
    a hobo
    a librarian
    a gym teacher
    a musician
    a school girl
    a school boy
    toy story character
    spongebob character
    an animal
    hannah montana
    miley cyrus
    selina gomez
    a wizard
    a witch
    harry potter
    ginny weasly
    ron weasly
    fred weasly
    george weasly
    bill weasly
    percy weasly
    hermione granger
    harry potter character
    santa claus
    frosty’s evil twin
    a reindeer
    a gingerbread man
    indiana jones
    use your imagination there is a lot of stuff he could be!

  3. barkbarkwoofpantpant

    ‘bloom[ing] where you’re planted’..–Daryl Hoole (author)

  4. Peter

    The Jack In The Box guy
    The Thing With Two Heads
    Siamese twins

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