Does Twighlight feed on the same, sad fairy tale of Snow White and Cinderella?

Of course! Bella is weak, must be protected by the dangerous VAMPIRE w ho loves her. Give it up girls! Why are you accepting this garbage? Go read some feminist literature-- I know it's hard to even wrap your mind around anything other than this sad myth, that woman are weak and that love comes in the form of a strong, dangerous man... but if you want to be happy in life, you have to learn to stand up for yourself! You have to realize that you don't need to be rescued! Read some Marge Piercy or something...dear god...stop reading this CRAP! And P.S. stephanie meyer doesn't know how to write and uses FAR FAR FAR too many adverbs.

4 Responses to Does Twighlight feed on the same, sad fairy tale of Snow White and Cinderella?

  1. Katie H

    This is just another example of how most people I’ve spoken to about this book either love it or hate it. I’m an adult, and I read plenty of different types of books, and I happen to love Twilight. I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. I am fully aware it’s badly written, and rather annoying at times and I still love it. That and a lot of other things not about vampires. You really should try The Host, it’s a whole different book and very good. I know several people who like it but hate Twilight. I like ‘damsel’s in distress’. I also like fantasy, and sci-fi and mysteries. I just finished a good non-fiction book called Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen.

  2. Vampire Girl

    Every one is entitled to their own opinion. Obviously it interested you enough to read this novel, and you actually took the time complain about it. Stop trying to kill the fantasies of vampire lovers everywhere! It’s okay to have fantasies and use your imagination! Sometimes you do need to be rescued or wish to be rescued by someone…does it hurt if they are hot vampires? I think not!

  3. Rafal H

    Yeah, but everyone dreams of their own Prince Charming.
    I do read feminist stuff – grab a MEG CABOT book or something! It’s feminist but also very romancy :}

    I agree about the adverbs.

  4. popsicle

    okay so ive been taught by a feminist literature teacher and she taught me many valuable lessons, as much as i loved the books we studied there is nothing wrong with reading twilight as well, theres a lot more heartache to this series than cinderella and snow white and its way more modern. i know the difference between real life and fiction, but it doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy reading fiction.

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