Disney’s Hercules Musical Snow Globe

Disney's Hercules Musical Snow Globe

This item is NOT for sale!! This is a beautiful musical snow globe depicting characters from Walt Disney's "Hercules". The snow globe has Zeus on top looking down over his son, Hercules, and his girl, Megara (AKA Meg). Next to Herc is Philoctetes (AKA Phil), Hercules' "hero trainer". He's giving Meg the eye! Below is Hades, glaring up at his nuisance. His hair is ablaze as his idiotic minions, Pain and Panic sit beside him (wearing Hercules' show merchandise, may I add!). Behind, The Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos), hold the thread of life and are about to cut. The snow globe plays a small portion of "I Won't Say I'm In Love", the song Megara sings after her little date with Hercules. It's probably safe to say it's everyone's favorite song. ? I freaking LOVE this snow globe!! I just had to share!

Disney's Hercules Musical Snow Globe

3 Responses to Disney’s Hercules Musical Snow Globe

  1. xXElysionsPrincessXx

    @Footloose4ever I actually found this at a second? hand shop, luckily enough! :D I hope you can find one someday too!

  2. Footloose4ever

    Oh my? gosh, I love Hercules. I seriously wish I saw this at the Disney store.

  3. xXElysionsPrincessXx

    @sauldelaefe That sounds pretty cool~ :D? You should take a video of it sometime!

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