Dear Father Christmas

lush  />snow</b> fairy

Dear Father Christmas
Ah that's depressing. Maybe next Christmas.
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I left all my travel cleaning stuff in the scummy hotel :( including my lush snow fairy... although I did find a lush soap bar in my room! - by greendayjade (Jade-Emily Till)

Got a wee bottle of @LushLtd's Snow Fairy shower gel saved, it's in my case so I can have lush showers in Turkey :D - by ChasingDemons (Rachel Brown )

snow fairy body wash from Lush smells like really nice bubblegum, i wanna eat it but i don't wanna foam at the mouth D; - by cokebaby_ (Livvy Potts)

can't it be chistmas for a day so i can stock up on lush's snow fairy???? #love - by _ktsharpe (Katie Sharpe)

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