A Pink Fairy Costume e Was All She Talked About

All my little girl talked about was wearing a fairy dress costume for Halloween. She has always been interested in fairies. But she couldn’t make up her mind what kind of fairy she should be. I showed her a few fairy halloween costumes and she still hasn’t really made up her mind. We looked at a fairy fantasy costume and a princess fairy costume, but she keeps wanting to check out some more. She spotted the costume of a woodland fairy and a rather spooky one. We decided to take a break and check out all the fairy accessories, like a cute little choker and wand. There were costume fairy wings, headpieces and wands for all types of a girls fairy costume.

We had to pick out a costume for our little toddler girl too. I saw a little tulip fairies costume that would be perfect for her. Well, actually there were two that would look cute on her. There was the tulip pink fairy costume and the sugar plum purple fairy costume. They were the perfect size for our toddler daughter. Our daughter suggested that the whole family become fairies for halloween. I explained to her that Daddy might not go for that idea, and we may not be able to be a fairy family. I doubt if my husband would even consider dressing up like a fairy. It ‘s kind of sweet to think of a fairy tale family.

We laughed so hard when I told her Daddy what she wanted. I tried to make her understand that fairies are little girls. Then she informed me that she has a movie that has boy fairies in it. What kind of come back could I have for that? All I could do was keep her busy looking for her halloween outfit and hope she forgot her family fairy idea. We checked out princess costumes and other fairy halloween outfits looking for the perfect one. There was quite a selection to look over. Instead of finding hers , she found what she thought I should wear. She said I should wear the costume of the fairy godmother since I was already a mommy. I promised to think it over and agreed with her that it would be a great costume for mommy.

After looking at costumes for the rest of us, we got back to looking for the perfect little girl fairy costume for her. Finally she spotted the one she wanted. It was a snowflake fairy. It was such an adorable costume. It was the perfect costume for a little winter fairy, just as white as snow. So, that was it. There were accessories that we needed to find for her costume. We found the fairy wings and snowflake wand that was perfect for her little costume. There was also an awesome little tiara that matches with the snowflake costume. She was all set with white shoes and tights for it. We had our snowflake fairy all set for halloween. We also had everything for her little sister ordered too. We decided she would be the tulip fairy.

We did pretty good as far as getting all the decorations and props we needed. My husband is really having a great time decorating the house for halloween. Our little snowflake fairy is having fun helping her Dad decorate everything. She is anxiously awaiting halloween this year. As soon as our halloween costumes arrived she insisted we try them on. Both the tulip fairy and the snowflake fairy looked adorable. I ended up being the fairy godmother this halloween. Daddy, who didn’t exactly relish the idea, got the tooth fairy costume, anyway.

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