A Little Snow Fairy , Sugar ( Stars )

I got a new computer and internet . Yaya Vista XD anyways I did this video and it was the first I made on here

6 Responses to A Little Snow Fairy , Sugar ( Stars )

  1. LINLAN22

    cute great amv

  2. link1able

    ^^ this vid will represent the snow fairy sugar series for my channel. o.o….just marks that i have seen the series

  3. kenshiniloveyou

    what name the singer?
    is beutiful song
    or is the singer Mika Nakashima?
    thank you

  4. FoxinAround

    Aw!This makes me wanna watch the anime!^^It is so cute!Awesome job!

  5. Kohannaxshika


  6. xahiruxduckx


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