#6-Sugar’s A Real Sugar Baby

a little snow fairy sugar to real sugar baby.

12 Responses to #6-Sugar’s A Real Sugar Baby

  1. tohrukun1

    yea, how i found out is i google image searched it thinking it was Tokyo Mew Mew. yea, wasnt the same thing at ALL…

  2. emsje13

    OOOOH SOorry i didn’t know that !!!!! O-o
    i will spel it as Tokio mew mew

  3. tohrukun1

    sorry, but plz spell it tokyo mew mew.
    just cuz there is a hentai called tokio miu miu

  4. emsje13

    the first one is Tokio mewmew

  5. tohrukun1

    Umm…I don’t know. It’s all taken from the episode with the two mean dude fairies.

  6. kunoichi79

    what episode is this???

  7. tohrukun1

    no problem

  8. fullmoon1230

    oh ok thx

  9. tohrukun1

    A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

  10. fullmoon1230

    what anime is this??

  11. tohrukun1

    thank you! this isn’t really my best video though. some of my newer ones are better… thank you very much anyway!!!

  12. kingsize127

    Big build up and then… this song. Cool parody song. Goes perfect with Sugar. Well done. oh, btw, kingsize127 speaking.

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