????????Gyu Gyu ????????????????* ? . * ?

????????Gyu Gyu ????????????????* ? . * ?

Enabled ratings-13/04/2012 ( ´ ? ` ) Please read! ( ´ ? ` ) I hate this video really but oh well, I just really wanted to do a dance in the snow!? Anyway~Happy February! Can't believe the first month of 2012 has already passed?´???I hope your year started well and your already on your way to your goals!?´????? This is ~sort of~my first video of the year(because of exams I couldn't upload any in Jan) so I hope you enjoy it and continue to support me, ne?? Thankyou muchly as always?Ahh sorry for one wrong bit in the dance, I know before 1:50 I was meant to march but I forgot('?`?) At the start I'm a snow fairy~? I thought it was appropriate ww Since I was little I always wanted to be a snow fairy, I have a video of me in the snow and I was looking for snow fairies hehe(*???) So please don't misunderstand?I won't always do these intros, only for special videos! I was going to do Yobisute fantasy by AKB48 in my snow fairy outfit but it couldn't cause of copyright! ? ´??? The music is from final fantasy. I looooove the snow! I was wearing a poncho but it got in the way, don't worry I wasn't cold! Please look at my video with bloopers and other fun in the snow on my other channel:www.youtube.com I love this dance and song its so cute, I was gonna cover it back in November then loads of people started doing it so I waited to do it in the snow, anddd I uploaded it on a Sunday!(nichiyoubi) Funny, huh? And it certainly was a good day!?? ??Ashida Mana is ...

????????Gyu Gyu ????????????????* ? . * ?

13 Responses to ????????Gyu Gyu ????????????????* ? . * ?

  1. Haristarchan


  2. marmarmar323


  3. Haristarchan

    Yes it is! ^0^? Same haha >< Thank you so much! ?´??????

  4. batblush

    Aw, is the song in the beginning? from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? That’s one of my absolute favorite video games, and the music for it is just perfection…; w ; Lovely, it suits your video so well! <3 And you’re so cute~

  5. Haristarchan

    A 1000 isn’t a lot really ^^;; I guess you have to have good tags and title and such? ^-^ Ganbatte!

  6. ReikoAimi

    omgee how do you get so many views and i work so? hard v.v and have more vids and i fail~! D:

  7. Haristarchan

    Thankyou, you? are so nice ;3;

  8. lovebug980612

    You’re? so pretty. Kawaii! -w-

  9. Haristarchan

    Yay! Someone else? who believes (^_-) Hehe thankyou~??´??????

  10. marqual

    I’m? starting to believe in fairys … I just saw one dancing in the snow

  11. Haristarchan

    Haha thanks ?´??;;?
    ?(???;) …..LOL not really~It wasn’t that cold considering ?????) Haha~Thanks!?

  12. Haristarchan

    Hi! Yeah I’m gonna do Shy boy-Secret and? Roly poly-T-ara (^_-)~

  13. petchuta

    wowzerz! your snow fairy princess episode was incredible!……. you had to be freezing? your %!@&* off hahaha…… and your blizzard dance was awesome+++++ thanks for posting a new dance so quickly! stay warm and toasty++++(^_~)

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